About Us

About NYXdesign.  A Lighting, Production and Video design partnership of Abigail Rosen Holmes, Brian Gale and Emanuel Treeson

About Us


At NYXdesign, we envision more than you ever imagined—and deliver it with ease you never expected.

On any given day you might find us: Bathing Shakira’s concert tour in a golden glow. Immersing gamers in the cool Xbox universe at E3.  Sprinkling more magic on the happiest places on Earth. 

We take lighting design and media design up to the edge of what is possible—creatively, technologically and logistically. Our unrivaled breadth keeps us on the vanguard of concepts and tools. NYXdesign projects look different because they are different.

We create distinctive lighting design and video design for: 

  • Corporate shows and special events.
  • Television.
  • Theater and opera.
  • Architecture and theme parks.
  • Concerts. 

We unearth the creative core of every project, and work intimately with each client to see to it that the shared vision becomes a breathtaking reality.