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NSX Launches at North American International Auto Show

The Acura NSX was just revealed to the world and we were thrilled to be a part of the team.  

The NSX was unquestionable one of the stars of the show.  The highly anticipated nature of the car raised the stakes for the reveal.  

Our client, Spinifex, wanted to create a moment for the reveal that blended video with immersive effects within the space of the booth surrounding the audience with the reveal.    To achieve this they asked us to create lighting and special effect cues all through out the video that proceeded the live driving of the NSX on to the turntable.   The result was more then 150 lighting cues within the two and half minutes of the reveal that all was synced to the video.

When it came time for the NSX to appear the choice was made to create a dramatic entrance from underneath the press riser.  After emerging from under the press riser the NSX rolled down a long runway, much like a fashion catwalk, on its way to the turntable.  It created many unique first photos of this new super car.  

Spinifex also designed into the video lighting beams that mimic the beam quality of a Sharpy and then we designed the reveal lighting to match the angle and color these beams from the video.  Just another way in which we seamlessly blended the creative content with the physical reveal.

The end result was blending of all the elements that Acura and Spinifex wanted.