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Windows Phone Night Market

Manny just got back from New York where he helped to launch the Windows Phone Night Market tour.   Our work was an enviromental lighting design for the tour that is traveling to 5 cities over the next 6 weeks.   the visual design is based around the concept of a night market and guests at the event are able to experience the new phone and enjoy a concert by a different alternative rock band in each city.  


There are very few theatical fixtures in the design.  Instead we tried to used unique practical fixtures in each specifc area so that each of the activities had it's own personality.


Enviromental projection played a big role in the look of the event.  We used both 4K projectors on scrim and on the natural wall of each venue.  We used 7mm LED wall behind the band stage.

The team was lead by ZEDink, a long time client of NYXdesign.