The latest news from NYXdesign.  A design partnership between Abigail Rosen Holmes, Brian Gale and Emanuel Treeson

Xbox E3 Media Briefing

When design started for the 2017 Xbox E3 Briefing, Creative Director Erin Hearne Williams(Zed Ink) told Production Design Kris Bast and NYX Partner Manny Treeson she was interested in floating luminous outlines that existed in high contrast environment.   The result was an exciting process of creation.    The pictures tell the tale.   Glowing lines that carve through the space.  Tight beams of light when we wanted them and prefect inky blackness when we didn't.

We chose to create those outlines with a pixel tape that allowed us even more possibilities of animation for those wide shots during transitions.  I then added other linear LED fixtures to further add to pallet. 

Kris' highly reflective floor added more dimension to our image and we discovered many unexpected delights as camera navigated the set.  Shooting and streaming in 4K this year meant a new camera and truck package.   It afforded us more nuance and detail in the image.   When I compare these images to ones we captured back in the days SD I shocked how constrained our pallet was.

Every year we take a different journey with the project and it easily one of the most visual rewarding show we collaborate on.  Thrilled to be on the team for my 12th E3 for Xbox.