The latest news from NYXdesign.  A design partnership between Abigail Rosen Holmes, Brian Gale and Emanuel Treeson

Springtime in Paris with Shakira

Shakira's Live from Paris DVD has been released.  It was shot in the Bercy in Paris in 2011.  Abbey did the DVD lighting with the tour show lighting designed by Paul Normandale

She was really happy to get to work again with Shakira, director Nick Wickham, and the DVD producers Splinter Films.  This is the second Shakira DVD Abbey has done together with Nick and Splinter, they also worked together on The Cure's Trilogy Live DVD and Il Divo The Promise.


Windows Phone Night Market

Manny just got back from New York where he helped to launch the Windows Phone Night Market tour.   Our work was an enviromental lighting design for the tour that is traveling to 5 cities over the next 6 weeks.   the visual design is based around the concept of a night market and guests at the event are able to experience the new phone and enjoy a concert by a different alternative rock band in each city.  


There are very few theatical fixtures in the design.  Instead we tried to used unique practical fixtures in each specifc area so that each of the activities had it's own personality.


Enviromental projection played a big role in the look of the event.  We used both 4K projectors on scrim and on the natural wall of each venue.  We used 7mm LED wall behind the band stage.

The team was lead by ZEDink, a long time client of NYXdesign.  

Abbey leads the Projection Master Class at LDI

Abbey was proud this year to serve as creative consultant for the Projection Master Classes at LDI. Abbey took the attendees on a tour of current media design. From opera to concert to spectacle to see examples of recent design spanning the methods and technologies of this rapidly expanding discipline that crosses the boundaries of cinema, theatre, and visual storytelling.  

Abbey brought together professionals like Vello Virkhaus and Dave Taylor to join in the conversation about the current state of the art and to discuss how it is used to create amazing projection design.

Pirates of the Caribbean IV Premieres at Disneyland

Brian and Manny were on hand to help Walt Disney Studios launch Pirates IV at Disneyland.  Kermit hosted the black carpet for E! and we had his back making sure he looked fabulous on camera.  Manny, as he has for the other three films, lit all of Town Square and Main street for broadcast.  Brian, also as he has for the other three films, lit the theater, band and cast presentation.



The press on the 800' long Black Carpet was lit for broadcast.  We also lit all of Town Square and Main Street to create a backdrop of lit by the setting sun.  By arraying fixtures on the the roof tops, we were able to maintain a consistant broadcast lighting condition throughout the 2 hours the press were conducting interviews.

In the theater, which was built over the river, Brian helped to completely transform Tom Sawyer's island lighting up the stage and waterfalls to take on the flavor of the film.

He also lit up the night sky with search lights to frame the theater.  

All in all it was an event on a scale that only Disney could pull off.