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Harps and Angels


Featuring the music and lyrics of Randy Newman, direction by four-time Tony winner Jerry Zaks and an outstanding ensemble cast, this  musical adventure includes a many familiar Newman tunes including "Political Science,"  "I Think  It's Going to Rain Today," "Short People," "Sail Away,"  "Feels Like Home," and of course, "I  Love L.A.".

Brian’s lighting design challenge was to help knit the various Newman songs into narrative threads that emotionally link the songs together. Using the rectilinear nature of the set and projection elements, he created a landscape of rectangular playing areas and motifs to interweave each scene and song.


One moment from “Short People” featuring Matthew Saldivar, Micheal McKean and Ryder Bach. Sharp shutters and linear accents in the Lighting were used throughout. 

The starkness of Micheal McKeans character in raw white light is juxtaposed against the lurid color of Storm Large’s stripper character in a moment from “Shame”.



The relationship of the rectangular projection surface and the sharp lighting shapes on the floor are shown in this shot of Micheal McKean in “Dixie Flyer

The music and stage direction fit Brian’s approach to Lighting the piece. A seamless integration of all of the production elements.