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Acura RDX

2019 Acura RDX Prototype World Debut at the 2018 North American

This year's auto show season for Acura was dedicated to the launch of the RDX and Manny was again asked to design the lighting for the press conferences.   First with the reveal of a concept in Detroit and then with the reveal of the production car in New York,   This year also marked the debut of a new design for the Acura booth.   It features a transparent LED Display creating a space between the screen and wall of the booth that is an ideal location for a car reveal.

Our client, Spinifex, made wonderful use of the layers this screen provided by using projection on the back wall and placing the reveal car in between the two layers of content.  Then as the reveal played out content pushed forward and backward through dimensional space with light playing out on the car in the space in between.

We lit the up stage car in layers as well.  Both from above as well as thin strip of animated light at the base of the car right up against the screen.    This allow us to tease out details of the car during the revel video.

In New York, we created a series of 8' tall pixel sticks that created the base of reveal.   Having this scenic element with pixel driven light allowed us to create an reveal that captured rhythm and mood of the reveal music and also focus on a visual representation of speed.  

Both reveals showed off the complexity that Spinifex likes to build into new car launches.  Both were a study of media and light playing out through multi planes of space.


2019 Acura RDX at the 2018 New York International Auto Show
2019 Acura RDX at the 2018 New York International Auto Show

NYX joins the team for Honda & Acura

This year Manny was invited by his client, Spinifix, to join the team for the Honda and Acura press conferences for the whole auto show season.  In each city NYX needs to support two shows in two different spaces so naturally Manny asked Brian to also join the team.   

While Manny serves as the designer for both brands up front on site for this year's The Los Angeles Auto Show, Brian was the designer for Honda and Manny was the designer for Acura.

For Honda this season, the design centers around a ever changing array of pixel mapped cubes.  For each city, the cubes are arranged in a different pattern and Manny creates a different pixel map for Spinifex and then they create the reveal video that stretches across not only the ultra wide screen video wall but also down onto the cubes as well. 

In Los Angeles, Honda revealed the New H-RV and the reveal video's creative was centered on a cubist/mindcraft look.  The lighting design continued the cubist theme with Magic Panels within the garage for the car that Brian cued to first appear as full cubes but as the reveal progressed those cubist patterns were deconstructed into smaller and smaller square patterns.

Acura debuted the new 2016 ILX and Spinifex wanted to work with volumetric light as design motive. The creative direction was to use light as architecture that could be reshaped through out the reveal.   In the auto show environment getting enough darkness to perceive this effect can be challenging so the team leaned heavily on sharpys who beams have enough energy to cut through the background noise of the auto show floor.

Detroit is up next and the team is hard at work getting ready.  Watch this space for the next update from the season.


Nissan 360

Nissan 360 is part press briefing center, part concept car show room and part test track.   Every three to four years Nissan brings the worldwide auto press together in one location over the course of three weeks to experience the depth of the Nissan family of brands.  


NYXdesign worked closely with our Client, AMCI, over the span of 18 months to develop the ways in which lighting could help to elevate the experience.   Their first mandate was clear.  Even in broad daylight the cars had to shine and stand out.  Next the briefing theater had to be a flexible environment that could support car reveals as well as more subdued executive conversations. 

In addition to all of the daytime events NYXdesign was also asked to light each of the three evening events.   The first was an evening celebrating the heritage of the Nissan brand, the second night was a elegant sit down dinner and the third night of each wave was a beach party on the pacific.