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Disney Studio Theater

Project Description

Disney undertook a refurbishment of their scoring stage/theater to transform it into a jewel of a theater.  The new theater had to meet many programmatic missions.  It had to be a state of the art screening room, provide a venue for corporate communications, serve as the hub for company wide meetings and be the on the lot location for entertainment driven presentations.

We worked with the architectural consultants to create a space that met all of these criteria and that could be controlled in a theatrical system.  We also designed the show that plays out on the exterior of the building as well as the interior curtain show.  

Key Project Information

Client: Walt Disney Studios
Date: 2009
Location: Burbank, CA
Type: Exterior/Interior


Lighting Design Principal, Exterior and Interior Show Designer, Theatrical Lighting Consultant.


Services Provided  


Architectural Lighting Design, Theatrical Lighting Design, Theatrical Control System Design, Installation Oversight and Implementation.