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Xbox at E3 2010

Every year the entire gaming industry comes together for the Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3).  The one of the highlights every year for the press briefings that each of the major manufactures puts on to discuss the upcoming year for the their ecosystem of products and games.  Since 2007 Manny has been lighting all of Xbox's briefings and social events at E3.   

The challenge always is how do you create a design for the show that both reflects the core Xbox brand look and feel but is flexible enough to make the individual games and product stand out when they are discussed.

The solution in 2010 was to us medium and hi resolution LED screens to create a fluid canvas.  By flanking the central projected screen with scenic creative LED screens we were able to transform the stage look and feel from the core Xbox brand looks to game specific looks with their own particular striking graphics.

Video games are by their nature a visual medium and the creative choices made by the game developers became a huge source of inspiration for the design team.   The starting place was always the game developers graphics.  We then jump off from there with specific animations, layouts and transitions to create an overall coherent and visually striking show.  

The other major challenge is that the briefing is both a TV show(going out live on Spike TV) and also captured simultaneously live in the room for hundreds of international media outlets.  The lighting design needs to be dynamic and effective both on camera and to the live audience.